About Us

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Company Profile

Xiamen Hongju Printing Industry Trade Co., Ltd. was founded in the year of 2006, is a direct factory specializing in all kinds of paper products, main products cover card games, educational flashcards, paper boxes, gift boxes, books printing, planner notebooks, paper bags so on.

We have a building with 8000 square meters and awarded ISO, BSCI, FSC, etc certificates. It with 50 skilled workers to make the printing products and a professional QC team to control the quality from the raw material to packing the shipment.

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We have established long and friendly business relationships with Miller, Helvi, Eopack, National Geographic, Invicta Watch, Coverking, Access Health, Fowa Group, EVO Group, etc. Our advanced equipment, skilled workers, R&D development, and professional sales team help us earn a reputation from our clients.

Factory Advantages

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Factory advantages
Professional OEM/ODM Factory

For the world-famous brands to provide high-quality, guaranteed long-term OEM services.

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Factory advantages
Small Business Support

For many freelancers to provide quality design services and packaging solutions.

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Factory advantages
One-stop Service

We provide one-stop business services such as design, purchasing, production, QC, logistics and marketing to all our customers.

Why Choose Us

“What you see is what you get” is an English saying by good old wise people, which should be the slogan of a marketing team. Today’s market trends ask you to be individual and aesthetic, to enhance your visibility. Nobody will ever pay attention to your product in the pile of products packed in almost the same boxes with the same theme.

Custom Packaging Boxes are a work of art, we need to establish that first, then we can move toward the fact that creative minds put forward new and fresh ideas. Xiamen Hongju Printing is the factory that provides room for such groundbreaking ideas. We strive to break the monotony.

The modern business model has seen drastic changes it is not just gradual evolution contrary to the sudden shift of interest to the digital market. The fundamentals of online business are quite different from the conventional business model. Entrepreneurs can make their small businesses global with the right strategy.

People will get to know the worth of the product once they buy it and to enhance your reach to buyers, customized packaging is a way to highlight your product. Xiamen Hongju Printing has new ideas for packaging and as for customers’ interests; we have devised a way to keep our rates economical and approachable for any clients.

There are many aspects to consider in Customized Boxes. The idea of writing this content is to make the potential customer aware of those aspects and their angles. There are so many options, each of which represents different ideas. So it is crucial to have basic information for such a significant decision.

Some Notes


* Make an Elegant Choice for Material

* Explore some Design Options

* The Premium options for Custom Printed Boxes

* Choose Add-ons in Packaging to give proper respect to your product

* Customer-friendly offers


HONGJU milestones

Year 2006

Company founded

Year 2009

Start international business and become export oriented


Year 2012

ISO Quality System implement

Year 2016

Obtain BSCI, FSC certification


Year 2018

Sales turnover reach USD 6 million

Year 2020

Double sales turnover until July comparing with 2019 , move to 8,000 square meter plant, industrial chain become very mature.